Common Mistakes Why Your Muscles Are Not Getting Bigger

Have you been working out lately, lifting heavy weights throughout the day and still getting unpleasing results? Or, perhaps eating tons of proteins yet not even increasing in weight? Well, certainly there must be something wrong with either the way you do it or your lifestyle itself. If you’re having trouble seeing some results from a hard day’s work in and out of the gym, then you must be doing something wrong.  No matter which, here are some common mistakes why your muscles are not getting bigger. If you’re doing any of these, then it may be the time to change that instantly.

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Not Eating Enough

The most common mistake everyone is doing is simply not eating enough. I know our mindset when wanting to get ripped lean muscles is to avoid overeating. However, it is quite the same as not eating enough. When you want to buff out and gain some muscle, it isn’t just about working out but what you consume. Eating protein alone is not also the key answer, what you need is to eat the right amount of all essential macro foods. You need carbohydrates to function and complete your training efficiently, and you need both protein and fat to ease up muscle repair and build up. So, you have to check and do the math on how many calories you should consume each day. Go for the right amount, not less or too much or you’ll gain some unwanted fat – you want muscle so you have to maintain the right amount of calorie intake with proper nutrition.

You Lack Protein

The next mistake is when you’re eating enough but not enough protein. When we say you have to enough, we mean to say enough of each macronutrient. You have to understand that the role of protein is to help you repair muscle and tissues – hence, the building block. When you lack this food, in particular, you’re just going to repair it as it was before. But, when you have abundant amounts of it, you’ll be able to further improve and not just repair but also build. In simpler words, the surplus of protein isn’t thrown away by the body but simply adding it to the construction.

You Don’t Push Yourself

Another mistake that is just ignored is when you’re able to lift that certain weight properly; you’ll stick to it and won’t further push yourself. This is when the mistake happens when you’re satisfied with what you can lift. If you don’t train with intensity, you will be stuck and your muscles will just stay the same. You have to go heavy enough every time to challenge your body above its normal limits. When you do that, you will see gains pouring in.

Not Sleeping Enough

Perhaps, the biggest mistake is not sleeping more than 8 hours a day. You have to sleep more than the average because you’re working out more than the average people. If you go to the gym to build muscles and go back home to still build muscles or do anything else, then nothing is going to grow. In reality, you go to the gym to rip muscles apart and when you go home and sleep, it is the time to rebuild and repair them. You gain muscles during sleep; this is because the human growth hormone is optimum during sleep time and not when you’re awake.

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Being Inconsistent

If you want to see results, you have to discipline yourself and work out when you should and not when you want – you have to follow your schedule or else it just will not work. This goes together with your diet, you have to stick with it and not just choose whenever you like. If you want to see real results and gain bigger muscles, you have to work for it consistently.

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Healthy food Alternatives

Eating healthy diet does not mean to become extremely thin, or depriving oneself from delicious recipes. It means to become more energetic, to feel good, to alter mood, and to become a confident person. To follow proper diet advice, and nutritionists consults will never leave you alone. You can improve your identity to its best. By following healthy rules of diet you can learn to create a tasty, healthy and varied diet that is good for both your mind and body. There are certain healthy diet alternatives which can improve your overall personality.

  • Apples:

2014-09-appleApple is a rich source of antioxidant. Polyphenols, an antioxidant found in apple extends life span. Antioxidant destroys free radicals. Free radicals are involved in ageing processes and some diseases. Apple is called a “miracle fruit”. One apple a day keeps the doctors away. It decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It also reduces risk of stroke by 52%.

  • Almonds:index

It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin, fibre, riboflavin.  It maintains healthy cholesterol level and maintains healthy heart. Eating handful of nuts reduces risk of cancer.

  • Broccoli:

indexBroccoli is rich in vitamin c, hence protection from common cold. It also has anti cancer and anti inflammatory qualities. Broccoli reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.

  • Oily fish:index

Oily fish such as salmon, trout contain omega-3 fatty acid, providing benefit to heart and nervous system. Oily fish contains vitamin A and D. Fish oil gives prevention from rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Leafy green vegetables:

indexCabbage and spinach reduces the risk of diabetes-2. Spinach is rich in antioxidant, and should be eaten raw or semi boiled. It is rich in vitamin A, B, C, E and K.

  • Oat meal:index

It keeps heart healthy, good for digestion; Folic acid in it is good during pregnancy which prevents birth defects in babies.

  • Milk:

indexIt is a rich source of calcium. Milk is considered as a complete food. Milk mixed with vitamin D prevents osteoporosis.

  • Tomatoes:index

It contains the pigment lycopene, a carotenoid responsible for good health. It prevents breast cancer and also reduces risk of heart disease.

  • Wheat germ:

k2-_fc14b51d-b8f0-40b4-a08a-4a7fa32d9f13.v1.jpg-2805a4f39ecb0e426416b7de2975ee8f35515caa-optim-450x450Wheat germ is the embryo of the seed. When cereals are refined, germ and bran are often milled off. It contains several vital nutrients such as vitamin, folic acid, thiamine, zinc phosphorus and essential fatty acid. Wheat germ is also a rich source of fibre.

  • Healthy breakfast alternatives:300-Healthy-Breakfast-Ideas-That-Will-Boost-Your-Energy
    1. Egg white or egg beaters instead of whole egg.
    2. Fat free milk instead of whole milk.
    3. Greek yogurts instead of pre-packaged fruits and yogurts cups.



  • Healthy lunch alternatives:


  1. Leafy green salads with light or vinegar based dressings.
  2. Skimmed mozzarella cheese instead of fatty cheese.
  3. Whole wheat bread, instead of white bread.



  • Healthy dinner alternatives:Skillet gnocchi_chard_white_beans
  1. Fresh, frozen vegetables instead of canned ones.
  2. Chicken breast instead of its thighs and legs.
  3. Fish or tofu instead of red meat.
  4. Brown rice instead of white rice.


  • Healthy beverages alternatives:

8 alternatives to sugary soft drinks-fruit

  1. Use fat free milk, rice milk or soy milk instead of fatty creamers.
  2. Drink vegetable juice instead of fruit juice.
  3. Drink fresh squeezed juice, instead of stored bottle juice.
  4. Use agave syrup instead of sugar syrup to sweeten the coffee.


Consuming proper eatables, in proper amount, and in proper time is very essential for adequate growth and development.

5 Simplest but Powerful Exercises to Involve In Your Daily Routine

Those who are not an athlete or regular exerciser needs to pay special attention over their health. Well, you will want yourself to fit in your favorite clothes ever, right? For this purpose, you need nothing but just following some easy exercises in your daily schedule. Although, just having stationary bikes, treadmills and weighing machines is enough to remind you that you are supposed to do some workout but it is not necessary to spend an hour or two daily in gym for good health. You can attain it at your home also. Here is the list of five simple yet effective exercises for which you don’t need to go to gym –


indexIn spite of being simple and easy to do exercise, walking is a powerful workout. It works by improving the cholesterol level, strengthening bones, trimming your body, keeping the blood pressure regular, lowering the risk of cardiac problems, controlling diabetes and resisting the risk of memory loss related to aging. Even a short stroll of 30 minutes after dinner gives good results when done regularly for a long period.


tgfdgNext comes in the list of easy to do day to day exercise is swimming. It can be said the perfect workout as it supports your whole body and make you move your painful joints more fluidly. According to a research regular swimming also helps in improvement in the mental state and increases concentration. Thos who are suffering from arthritis should prefer swimming as it is less weight bearing.

Strength training

gffdgdfgdgdBelieve it or not; strength training is something more than a brawny and macho activity. Weight lifting is not only for bulking up your muscles; it also increases the strength of your muscles. Not using muscles during the workout can reduce their strength with the course of time. One more thing to know here is that muscles helps you burning extra calories of the body. Also, strength training is useful for regulation of the brain’s functionality.


dsdwOne of the most reliable exercises for burning extra calories is squats. It uses the largest muscle groups of the body and that’s why, it is believed to work faster for trimming unwanted fat of your body. This exercise consists of up and down movement of the body just similar to the motion of getting out of a chair. Many trainers suggest beginners to use a chair for being comfortable with squats. You should keep your back straight and feet spread apart, knees over the ankle and arms extended. Now, move downwards along with maintenance of the posture and return to the original standing position. Repeat it thrice a day in sets of 10.

Kegel exercises

fsfsfsfKegel exercises work by giving strength to your pelvic floor muscle. Women are supposed to be comfortable with this exercise but many men also do this exercise as it supports the bladder. The proper way of doing kegel involves squeezing the muscles which are used for controlling the urine passage. Hold this contraction for 2-3 seconds and release. Repeat it four to five times a day in set of 10 times.

So, this is all about some simple and powerful exercises that you can schedule right now in your daily routine.

How to Condition Your Speed & Muscle

How to Condition Your Speed & Muscle For Increased Rugby Performance

muscle rugby playerYour physical fitness is your number one priority when you are a rugby player. You should therefore do everything possible to keep fit and enhance your game performance and safety or in other words avoid injury. In the game of rugby, speed & muscle are among the features you need most. There are many ways you can improve these features to be able to go for 80 minutes game without getting worn out.

You may want to try weight training or other exercises to build your strength putting your main focus on muscle building. The bigger your muscles are the more the strength you have and hence the better your performance will be.

Interval training where you train for as hard as you can for short periods of time then rest are recommended. Strengthen your specific muscle groups by assigning each day of training to a specific muscle. For instance, you can spend a Monday building your upper thigh which is a lower body muscle, on Tuesday work out glutes and calves. On Wednesday, you may purpose to work out your arms which belong to your upper body muscles. Develop a working training regime for muscle strength and speed for rugby success.

Speed is highly useful for loose forwards and backs but every player in any rugby position benefits from having great speed. Sprinting may help a player gain muscle memory over time and have great speed. For improved speed during a game of rugby, you can engage in running exercises. You can start with brisk walks, graduate to jogging and ruggby mscleeventually run through your neighborhood or on a treadmill. This change of pace from slow to fast helps your body to adjust, warm up and be able to increase speed for your next game of rugby.

It is recommended that you start muscle building and speed training at least 5 months prior to a season of rugby. You can do this through weight training or diet / supplements and be ready to take on your opponents with confidence. You will feel physically superior to many players on the pitch but more importantly your performance will stand out. You can only play this sport when you are young and so use your time to be in the best physical shape possible and prolong your years of playing the game. Rugby is a contact sport and only a physically strong person with speed can maintain a long career and avoid injuries.

Every rugby position requires that you learn some core ball skills together with your teammates. Remember that there are other skills that you can enhance by yourself. You may use grid drills with others or be creative if you are on your own. You may also practice line out throws against a wall or kick up and under on your own and your efforts may seem silly but they will pay off.

Regardless of your position in the rugby field or your level of skill you need general fitness, ball skills, muscle strength and speed. The more you put into training and diet, the more you get out of the rugby game. It is advisable that when you are off season, start to make your body physically able to play future games.

Tips for healthy glowing skin

vitamin-b-871135_1280 (1)


Skin is the major important part of the body. Skin is the thing acted as the protective and safety layers between inner and world pollution. It is the natural filter we have in our body. We should keep our skin healthy and safe from all types of dirt in our surrounding. We are surrounded by many unhygienic rays, dirt, pollution, etc. Skin is the mirror of our acts, food, and our environment. Healthy skin has the ability and power to fight all factors of aging, acne, and other skin diseases. Healthy, radiant, and smooth skin enhances your beauty and gives you flawless looks. You are more confident and self-reliant with the healthy, pure skin.

“Beauty is an internal observable fact. Beauty is not in bits and pieces, not in individuals, not even in the eyes of the onlooker. It lies in the heart of each,”

Keep away from Long Steamy Showers

Hot showers ruin the skin moisture and wash away its protective oils. Showers should be of 10 minutes, and water should be relatively cool.

Wash face daily at night

During the day, makeup, dirt, and oil put up on your face. Build cleansing skin daily before bedtime.

Tips to Maintain Glowing Skin(1)Use makeup remover. Use a gentle soap. Clean it off by throwing water on your face do about ten splashes. Avoid the eye area. Don’t violently rub the skin with a towel. Alternative, dry it in less amount, gently pat it or let the air dry the skin

Use toner

  • A toner takes off excess oil and dirt from skin that the soap was unable to remove. Toner closes pores. Everyone doesn’t need to use a toner, but for few it’s helpful.
  • Put a small number of drops onto a cotton ball or pad. Tap it evenly over your skin.

Drink water in large amount

  • Take in about 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. The water clears skin and makes it glow because the body excretes out toxic through urine.
  • Drink herbal tea, fresh juices or other unflavored beverages in place of water if u tired of drinking water all day long.

Healthy diet

  • Healthy meals consist of proteins, and nutritious fruits and vegetables help towards making skin glow.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E is important for skin along with fiber-rich foods.

Exercise Daily

Cardio exercises give a glow to skin because it stimulates blood flow. Exercise is also healthy for body and will build you stronger. Results are seen immediately in the form of shiny and glowing skin.

Multivitamins Daily

8f292cd12bfd2508599afcdf745d4974Several nutrients are essential for healthy skin, including vitamins C, A and B. The most dependable means to get them all is to take in a meal healthily, along with taking a daily multivitamin.

Good quality cosmetics

Beauty and makeup stuff should be simple, mainly if the skin is sensitive. Keep aside from anything with color or fragrance, something that turn out into bubbles or with a label of ‘antibacterial’.

Foods best for healthy skin

There are some foods that help you get smooth and healthy skin naturally.

  • Raspberries
  • Yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Olive oil
  • Green tea
  • Pumpkin